Multi award winning jewellery designer Samantha Leverton-Rose worked as an Aerodynamicist at Mercedes Benz Formula 1 team for over 15 years, winning 12 world championships. An artist at heart, she now uses her knowledge of fluid dynamics, cutting edge CAD design and rapid prototyping to create complex yet simple, fluid forms in sustainable sourced precious metals and gemstones. 

Samantha went to an international school from a young age and grew up with friends from all over the world which opened her eyes and mind to a multitude of different inspiration. The oriental influences in her work are due to close friends from Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. 

This is also where she acquired her love of gardens and flora as the school had beautiful grounds and formal gardens.

Her biggest inspirations are the soft flowing curves of flowers, ballet and the way light interacts with water and ice.

“My work takes nature's beautiful, soft flowing curves and infuses them with the graceful energy of ballet and the fundamental laws of physics to create fluid, liquid forms which play with light. My pieces are often polymorphic shapes; portraying multiple different entities in a single form.

The catalyst for every piece is a story - often inspired by ancient traditions, folklore or a symbolic meaning.

Jewellery is very sentimental to me and I have a love and appriciation of beautifully crafted jewellery that captures a precious moment or story and reminds people of it for a lifetime. This eminates from my childhood - when my mother would share the stories of her jewellery collection with me either to cheer me up or just to relive a memory for herself.

Designing Jewellery is my way of expressing what I perceive as beautiful and meaningful and sharing it with others. My hope is to create pieces that become part of your story and moments like those I shared with my mother.”



Multiple award winning goldsmith and setter Joanna Stroinska is one of the top goldsmiths and setters in the country. Originally from Poland where she ran a sucessful jewellery and toolmaking businesses she moved to England in 19??

The is very little this highly skilled and super talented lady can’t do with metal and gemstones.

Sam and Jo share an unparalleled work ethic and inquisitive streak that leads them down the design road less travelled and results in innovative and exquisitely designed and crafted pieces.



Sam refers to Graham has ‘Mr Sensible’ as he will always see the flaw in Sam’s latest crazy idea. The reality to Sam’s dreamer thinking they make the perfect team.

The most patient and best soundboard for ideas and schemes.

Sam and Graham met while they were both working in Formula 1 way back in the midst of time (2005!) as such Graham is also a highly skilled CAD designer and project manager. He highly analytically minded and pragmatic which is very valuable asset in all areas of the business.