For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by how light and reflections can change the way you see something. How it has the capacity to trick you eye into thinking you are seeing something different to what actually is present or emphasising a certain attribute of a shape.

As a child I was taught how to use shading techniques and colour to add realism to my drawings and paintings - I remember being amazed at how it brought them to life. How the use of light can turn something two dimensional into something far more complex, interesting and three dimensional. I essentially use the same basic principles in my jewellery design but sort of in reverse by manipulating light with my forms to create interest and complexity.

If you have read my post on how water inspires me you probably won’t be surprised to read that reflections on or caused by water are some of my favourites. I love to try and replicate the liquid quality of water in metal and use subtitles of form to create interesting reflections that play light with my designs. My intention is to create a fluidity of form that can be interpreted in different ways depending on a person’s own experiences and preferences.

For example with my CONFETTI petal design some may see a heart shape first, others may see a rose petal and some may see the water drop element. All have informed the design equally and helped me evolve the concept and form. However one of the three ‘informing-forms’ may resonate more than other with some people.

Samantha Rose