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SEPTEMBER ROSE is a luxury jewellery brand founded in 2011 by multi award winning jewellery designer, Samantha Leverton-Rose. It is dedicated to creating pieces that are infused with the beauty of nature, embody elegance and become part of your story.

Renowned for its innovative design, exquisite craftsmanship and sustainable sourcing, SEPTEMBER ROSE has won many of jewellery’s most prestigious awards.

Samantha’s signature design style is instantly recognisable with its elegant lines and maticulous attention to detail.

This design style is a function of her eclectic interests and background. Samantha holds a degree in engineering and worked as an Aerodynamicist in Formula 1 for 15 years (most notably at the Mercedes Benz Formula 1 team for over 10 years) winning 12 world championships in total. An artist at heart, she now uses her knowledge of fluid dynamics and skill as a CAD designer to create highly evolved and elegant polymorphic forms inspired by her love of nature and ballet.

SEPTEMBER ROSE’s design philosophy is that simplicity is the foundation of elegance.

— samantha leverton-rose –

“I fell in love with jewellery as a child, I remember I was upset about something one evening and my mother thought the best way to cheer me up was to let me explore her jewellery collection with her. She was right, I was entraced by the colour of the stones, the shiny metal and the different design styles; from that evening on it became my special treat. My mother would lay out a small selection of beautiful velvet pouches and leather boxes on my parent’s bed and we would sit there together slowly going through each one with her telling me the stories behind each piece; who had given it to her and when, where in the world she had been when she bought it or who in the family it had originally belonged to. I felt like I got to know who she had been before she became my mother through her jewellery and more about the women of my family who were no longer with us.”

Samantha began designing her own jewellery as a teenager, inspired by the beautiful landscaped grounds formal gardens of her school. She found the beautiful soft flowing curves of exotic flowers and their petals captivating and this remains her major inspiration to this day.

The story associated with each piece at all stages from initial idea through to the finished piece when it becomes part of someone’s life is also very important to her and one of the key elements of her design work. Samantha loves to find connections between seemingly unrelated forms and build a concept around them, for example; a rose petal blowing in the wind, a raindrop and a heart - the result is her confetti collection a play on raining confetti petals and the love that is celebrated at a wedding.





We believe that jewellery is part of your story and like all the best stories something to be shared with future generations. Our working and creative practices fuse traditional bench techniques and innovative technology to acheive the highest level of craftsmanship and design. We specialise in small edition and bespoke pieces that last the test of time.

Samantha works closes with her good friend; award winning master goldsmith and setter Joanna Stroinska to realise her designs and ensure the exquisite finish of every piece that leaves our studio in rural Leicestershire. Joanna and Samantha same share the same working ethos and drive to create extraordinary jewellery, their combined skills are a unique and exciting combination full of possibilities.

The way we design and make our pieces enables us to customise our designs to your requests. If you would like to have one of our pieces made with a different stone, in a different metal or incorporate another tailored feature please email Samantha to discuss your request or fill in our commission enquiry form.



Samantha thinks there is a beautiful synergy to using the most precious of nature's raw minerals to honour its intrinsic beauty.

The desire to honour nature led Samantha to question where her raw materials came from and how they were extracted. The findings of her research made her resolve to buy direct from small scale mines and pearl farms she knows personally and trusts or from third party certified supply chains such as Fairmined. As all these projects have far greater respect for their local eco systems, their people and are therefore more sustainable.

SEPTEMBER ROSE became one of the first jewellery brands in the world to be awarded a Fairtrade Gold licence in 2012 and in 2014 we became the first British brand to be granted a Fairmined licence.

Samantha came to be seen as a leading expert in the field of ethical jewellery sourcing and was asked to speak at events all over the country including a visit to Westminster. She was also actively involved in the founding of Fair Luxury and has spoken at several of their conferences.

This led to SEPTEMBER ROSE being nominated for ‘Ethical Business of the Year’ in 2015 and 2016 at the UK Jewellery awards.







Winner of 'The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) Creative / Innovative Jewellery Special Award' - Samantha

Winner of Design Section : Production Jewellery : Gold Award - Samantha

Design Section : Fashion Jewellery Design : Bronze Award - Samantha

Finishing and Polishing : Gold Award - Joanna

Finishing and Polishing : Silver Award - Joanna

Nominated for ‘Ethical Business of the Year’ at the UK Jewellery Awards for the second consecutive year



Selected as one of the 10 most exciting up and coming jewellery designers and brands for the IJL and BJA (now NAJ) Kickstart programme.

Nominated for ‘Ethical Business of the Year’ at the UK Jewellery Awards


BJA charity charm.png

Samantha’s butterfly charm - Angelina - won the BJA’s (now NAJ’s) charity charm competition. Her finished charm was added to a bracelet created by one of Britian’s leading jewellers; Sarah Jordan alongside charms created by seven other top name jewellers.

The bracelet was auctioned off at IJL’s exhibition in Olympia, London with all the proceeds going to breast cancer care.

SEPTEMBER ROSE became the first UK brand to be granted a Fairmined licience, adding it to the Jeweltree certification and Fairtrade licence that were awarded to the brand in 2012.