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Posted on 25th August 2012


August's contemplations couldn't be about anything else other than the Olympics could they?! I have to admit to being a huge cynic before they started. However after watching the opening ceremony I was hooked. I watched the Olympics a lot as a child but they had lost their magic for me due to drug scandels and the marketing peoples. London 2012 well and truely reinstated the magic - I have to admit to sobbing quietly to myself on numerous occasions, screaming at the tv willing the athletes on and feeling very much inspired by it all.

As a designer the cauldron was a highlight for me. I loved the concept, the idea of every nation bringing in one piece to construct the cauldron and then it coming together to create a united flame - a symbol of light, inspiration, unitity and tradition. Simply stunning.

As a member of the fairer sex I hope that people will start to realise that the atheltic bodyform is a far more healthy body image to aspire to. In my opinion it is not only the bodyform that make athletes a good role model - it is their 'if you want something bad enough, anything is possible' attitude. It is honestly true, it is amazing what humans are capable of if they set their minds to it. Granted there is a certain amount of talent involved but that should also be celebrated. They are a welcome change to the 'famous for 5 minutes, zero talent' brigade.