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Posted on February 11th 2013

I find the restorative properties of time spent in nature to be unparalleled. My favourite sort of place to escape to is the mountains and lakes. There is something about the majesty of this type of scenery that makes all problems seem so much less significant and I find the mountains to be a good reminder of how fleeting our time is.

I returned to my roots this February, to the Highlands for a week of walking with my family and it was sheer bliss. Just what body, mind and soul needed. I feel very refreshed and inspired and I'm looking forward to the new ideas I hope this trip will inspire.

Where we stayed was so remote that there was no mobile reception (due to the scale of the mountains), no internet and zero light pollution (the nearest village was over 14miles away). The stars at night were one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Someone once told me that there is a star in the sky for everyone who has died, that each star is the light and energy of their soul shining on. I think this is a lovely thought and makes something so beautiful have even more gravitas.