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Ethics Pearls

The pearls in my jewellery are from farms which advocate sustainable and environmentally responsible production. I source my pearls from Jersey Pearl; who have been working with specific pearl farms across the world for over 20 years.

Jersey Pearl source a range of their Freshwater and Akoya pearls from a family run farm called Daiichi in the northern region of China. The Jersey Pearl team make regular trips to their farms to ensure that the pearls are being produced in an environmentally sound and sustainable way, that working conditions are safe and that the pay is fair at all levels.

The environmental conditions are of paramount importance to pearl producing oysters. Poor environmental conditions greatly effect them and result in poor quality pearls or even a complete lost of a harvest. Pearl producing oysters are incredibly sensitive to even a small amount of pollution. The key to producing high quality cultured pearls is a thriving and pristine natural eco system - this provides the oysters with all the nutrients, water quality and shelter they require for healthy growth.  Responsible pearl farmers such as Daichii go to great lengths to ensure that the water in and around their farms is clean and pure - this results in areas of incredible outstanding natural beauty around pearl farms.


One of the best things about pearl farming is that if it is done responsibily it can actually help to improve the eco systems the oysters are part of. This is because oysters are filter feeders, which means they draw water in over their gills to trap plankton and particles there. A healthy Oyster can filter up to 5 litres of water an hour. This is how they help to clean the water but also one of the reason why they are so suseptable to pollution.