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Founded in 2011 by Samantha Rose, the essence of September Rose is beautiful design, honouring nature's treasures and ethics without compromise.

Jewellery is an art form to Samantha, who chooses to express her responses to life and the world in precious metal and gemstones instead of paint or clay. To her there is a beautiful synergy to using the most precious and pure of nature's minerals to honour nature's intrinsic raw beauty.



This desire to honour nature led Samantha to question where her raw materials came from and how they were extracted. The findings of her research made her resolve to buy direct from small scale mines and farms or from third party certified supply chains such as Fairmined. These projects have far greater respect for the local eco systems and are more sustainable.

September Rose was one of the first jewellery brands in the world to be awarded a Fairtrade Gold licence. In 2014 September Rose became the first British brand to be granted a Fairmined licence.

Samantha launched her first pieces to a warm reception in 2012 ; a series of four pendants. She has since developed three of the designs into full collections; Isabella, Maia and Sakura.

She creates two new prêt à porter collections each year which can be tailor made. 2015's collections are Confetti and Meadow. Samantha’s main focus in 2015 has been on creating couture fine art jewellery in the form of her Kanji and Odyssey works. She also loves creating bespoke pieces for clients. Creating pieces that tell a personal story and capture precious memories.

Samantha hopes to exhibit her work in art galleries and boutiques around the world and establish September Rose as a luxury British name.