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Multi award winning designer Samantha has worked as an Aerodynamicist at Mercedes Benz for nearly 10 years. An artist at heart, she now uses her knowledge of fluid dynamics, cutting edge CAD design and rapid prototyping to create complex,fluid forms in precious metal and gemstones.
Samantha went to an international school from a young age and grew up with friends from all over the world.
The oriental influences in her work are due to close friends from Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.
Her biggest inspirations are the soft flowing curves of flowers, ballet and the way light interacts with water and ice.


My work takes nature's beautiful, soft flowing curves and infuses them with the graceful energy of ballet and the fundamental laws of physics to create fluid, liquid forms which play with light.
My pieces are often polymorphic shapes; portraying multiple different entities in a single form.
The catalyst for every piece is a story - often 
inspired by ancient traditions and folklore.

I have a passion for sentimental, beautifully crafted jewellery that captures a precious moment or story and reminds people of it for a lifetime.
Designing Jewellery is my way of expressing what I percieve as beautiful and meaningful and sharing it with others.